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Guest Sact20

The beginning of our story

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Guest Sact20

Hi! I'm really new here,and I just wanted to share a small part of my story.

Well first of all, like most of you, I Am in love with my cousin. Ever since I have knowledge of memory... I have always loved him, and I'm sorry if that sounds corny haha, but it's the thruth.

We grew up together and our mom's would visit often. Me and my brother would go to his house and spend the days playing. There was always a connection between us, we would hold our tiny hands while watching tv in his room. And always jump apart as soon as someone would open the door! For me it was a strange childhood. I knew I liked him as a kid, I had a crush on him ofcourse. However, I would never admit it, in fact I was dead afraid of what our parents would think and a bit scared of him. I was 9 or 10 when I started realizing what this kind of crush was growing into. I did not want it, I was extreamly terrified of what could happen, but I still liked him. There were so many things he would do, just to be near me, Haha I adored him for it. But i kept on trying to be just his cousin and nothing more.

  In the year that I turned 11, my parents announced that we were moving to the states and we were leaving our country. The goodbye that we had was a weird one,.

He called me to the back, as the party was at the front with music and food and just shared happiness. As he pulled me into the dark part of the house.. He confessed that he loved, the day before my trip.. But, being the scared kid I was I told him we were cousins and this could not be, and as an 11 year old I walked away and broke his little 12 year heart.

  He did tell me afterwards that that was basically the last thing I said to him before I left. I however do not remember this conversation.

  Some months later, my family being settled here, we would frequently communicate with family by messenger. Once she happened to find him! and In the most curious case, she told me to talk, while she went to see the food.

It was the first time that I would speak to him. And it's the funniest thing because I still remember this day as if I had just happened.

While being there... He said

  Are you alone?

  ... Yeah" mom's cooking

... Oh ehm...I have to tell you something

.. Ok..?

.. I Love you

.....I love you too..

Haha after that I remember his smile over the old crappy webcam. And my happiness as well! I closed the little window as my mom approached and I jumped on the nearest bed and screamed my little heart out...

For me...that's when everything really started.

I don't know why I said it, maybe I wanted to hear that it was actually real,, that what we felt was actually something. To this day, he's always so proud of that moment,.. He says that it was then or never! I don't regret it and he definitely doesn't either. 

But that was just the beginning.

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