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Guest Boff

my happy ending

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Guest Boff

I've been reading the stories on here for so long and decided to join you guys and communicate with people who have similar tales. I hope mine gives hope.

My first cousin once removed....in England we call it half cousin,  and I are similar ages. My mum (his great aunt) and his mum (my cousin) were quite old and young, respectively when they had us.

Although we weren't particularly close during childhood we have memories of one another.

He moved away from the area for some years, returning when he was 16, and I was a new mum of 20.

He became close friends with my sister, even living with her and her family for a time.

I then moved away and went on to have another 2 children with my then partner.

In 2011 he moved once more for work to a village 130 miles away.

My sister and I arranged to visit him last summer with our kids for his birthday.

That's when everything changed.

We had a great time and the children asked to stay a while longer as it was the holidays, so I arranged to collect them a week later. I returned for them alone and stayed a couple of days. During that time we connected like neither had done before. We talked, laughed, cried and just basically enjoyed each others company. Now, I don't deny that I always liked him, he's very funny and I thought him very handsome, but this was different.

When the time came to leave I felt sorrow, and was left feeling very confused when he kissed me goodbye.

A few days later I received a message via social media from him asking for my number, and we continued much as we had when I was with him. It didn't take long for us to admit our feelings. We were in love.

We aren't young and foolish, however, and knew we faced the obstacle of 'coming out' to our family and I agonized over telling my children. In the end we both agreed that our happiness far outweighed any prejudice we'd face.

I told my mum first. She suprised me and accepted us without question, she knew I was happy, and I love her more for that.

His mum was next, she took it bad, but came around once she saw for herself how much we love each other. The siblings were next and we had mixed reactions, but on the whole it's been quite positive and my children were fine with it. As long as I'm happy, they said.

So this brings us to the present day. In a months time we will be joining him, the kids are exited and so are we, as a few weeks ago we found out we're pregnant.....we're so happy.

I still can't quite believe the love of my life and my soulmate has been so close to me all along. Our story has as happy an ending as anyone could wish for. I sincerely wish the same for you all. Xxx

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congratulations! hope you live a long and happy life together!

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