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The folks at have done many interviews to promote the web site and educate people on cousin marriage. Often the media mentions this website without our knowledge, so the following is not a complete list.

(9/2000) Gear Magazine
Mentioned this website (pg. 52). This was our first taste of publicity. 


(2000) Annapolis MD Radio Talk Show
    "DD" a member of went live on a Radio Talk Show concerning a bill to prohibit cousin marriage in the state of Maryland. This talk show is primarily about politics and many delegates tune in each week. The bill died along with the reputation of the bill’s authors.


(2000) The Montel Williams Show
Three couples from volunteered to be on the show. The show was well rounded with happily married cousins, healthy children of cousins, our critics, experts and legislatures wanting to ban cousin marriages in their state. Overall I think the show was positive for cousin couples. This show on cousins was the highest rated Montel Show of the season. CnMe, Jasper/Flash, and Dan/Theresa were on the show. was mentioned on the show.


(2000) FM Talk 98.9 KVFK Austin– Shannon Burke
This radio interview included Martin Ottenheimer and "CnMe"! The show included many messages and facts from

tape.gif You can listen to the broadcast here in Real Audio!


(2001) 790KABC Talk Radio 
CnMe and I did the #1 radio show in LA. This was a live show and one of my first interviews.  We were on the air at the same time, so we kind of "tag-teamed" the questions. It was great fun and my favorite one. 


Featured an article on this website, and interviewed CnMe. This article is no longer on-line.


(4/2002) The April issue of the Journal of Genetic Counseling received HUGE media attention due to an article entitled, "Genetic Counseling and Screening of Consanguineous Couples and Their Offspring. Recommendations of the National Society of Genetic Counselors."

Following are only a fraction of the media attention that resulted. Click on the link to see the article. Some sites require registration.

The New York Times— the third largest newspaper in the US— did the most comprehensive story, "No Genetic Reason to Discourage Cousin Marriage, Study Finds." The story included a link to I was interviewed for this article. This story was ran across the country and beyond.

Chicago Tribune CnMe from C.U.D.D.L.E was interviewed for this article. The site requires registration, but registration is painless. The article mentions this website.

CNN.COM Made the AP article available on their website

Times of India The story made it around the world!

Time Magazine Time did an interesting article, Cousins: A New Theory of Relativity, with stories from three cousin couples. They used one story from this site and linked to (April, 15, 2002 page 60)

The New York Times Magazine Ann Patchett referenced the guidelines and told of her own cousin crush. "… so lost in the cousin crush that I could hardly swallow."


(8/2003) The Pulse/FoxNews
Christie contributed to a segment on cousin marriage. The segment featured a cousin couple who were life long kissing cousins with two healthy kids.


(8/26/2003) Soap Opera Digest
I did an interview for the column, Reality Check. Two of the soaps were dealing with would-be cousin couples. They simply wanted to know about the taboo, and state laws concerning cousin marriage. The article was heavily edited but quite positive overall.


(8/2004) Details Magazine
"Why More Men Are Marrying Their Cousins" included interviews from three members of


(11/2009) New York Times
"Shaking Off the Shame" included interviews from three members of